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Shareholder information

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Manager of the Fund

Bouwinvest is the fund manager of the Fund and as such is responsible for portfolio management and risk management.


In this section, we summarise the Fund's financial management policies, activities and performance over 2020, followed by the Fund's overall governance and structure. We conclude this section with more details about the fund manager.

Financial management

In 2020, the full-year result declined to € 442.5 million from € 671.2 million in 2019 (-34%).

Fund governance

Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Residential Fund N.V. (the Fund) was established in 2010. The Fund has a governance structure that ensures effective and efficient management, combined with proper checks and balances.

Structure of the Fund

Governance matrix

The voting rights of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Shareholders' Committee are shown in the governance matrix.

Shareholders’ calendar