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Risk management

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Risk Management Framework

Bouwinvest has set up an Integrated Risk Management Framework, which enables Bouwinvest to address all the risks it has identified that may prevent it from achieving its objectives, and to manage these risks while taking into account Bouwinvest’s risk appetite. Bouwinvest has put together a balanced set of control measures and updates and improves these measures to address identified control deficiencies. Risks are viewed as both a threat and an opportunity to improve the organisation and add value.

Integrated risk management addresses risks across a variety of levels in the organisation, including strategic, tactical and operational risks. Widening the scope of risk management to cover both strategic risks and opportunities (in addition to tactical and operational risks) creates an integrated approach that can bridge the gap between strategy and tactics. Integrated risk management is an interactive process of:

  • Drafting the strategy and the related risk profile and risk appetite;

  • Identifying risks and opportunities;

  • Drafting and implementing the policy for risk management; and

  • Implementing, monitoring and providing feedback on risks and control measures and a continuous review of risks and control measures.

The three lines of defense and the risk taxonomy are two crucial elements of Bouwinvest’s Risk Management Framework, which are applied to the Bouwinvest management organisation, the Dutch funds and the international mandates. Further information on the risk governance can be found in the 2020 annual report of the manager of the Fund, Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors.